Without Wisdom….

Without philosophy the mind is sickly, and the body, too, though it may be very powerful, is strong only as that of a madman or a lunatic is strong.

Seneca 15

How many athletes have you seen with loads of talent make terrible decisions, essentially throwing away their potential? Every year we hear about athletes who worked hard to succeed, but end their career early. Often they either get in trouble or treat those around them poorly enough to lose their chance.

So are you developing everything about yourself in order to avoid these mistakes? Are you just focusing on getting stronger and dialing in your physical skills or your character too?

I encourage you to begin using your training to also grow mentally and spiritually. Take the principles you learn about hard work into your daily life and interactions with others. This is especially important in team sports. Can you really succeed if you only improve your athletic ability but not your ability to work with others?

Make sure you are getting just as much guidance, education, and push as a person as you do as an athlete. Only in this manner will you become truly great.

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