Who Cares About their Breathing?

I had a conversation with a new client the other day who was feeling some negative peer pressure. She mentioned how her friends and colleagues thought she was silly for getting breath coaching. Of course, they said they breathe every day why would they need any help breathing?? It seems that everyone who has focused on their breathing has heard this pushback before.

When she told me this story it made me realize something comforting. In my experience coaching people’s breathing there are really only two groups that become interested. The first group are the people who have serious problems like anxiety, sleep apnea, or long haul COVID. Group two couldn’t be more different though. They are the elite athletes who understand breathing better makes the extra 1% difference which lead to huge performance gains.

It’s only the people in between these groups who don’t recognize the benefits they could achieve. Just because you don’t see something, however, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Everyone falls somewhere on the continuum between those who are sick and elite athletes. So just because you don’t fall into either camp (or at least you don’t realize that you do) doesn’t mean improving your breathing wouldn’t benefit you. If elite endurance athletes can benefit from this type of work then you surely can too. I can’t imagine you regularly feel less breathless or stressed than they do.

Still think that your breathing is fine just the way it is? Do this now, then. Exhale, hold your breath and walk as far as you can until you have to breathe. You should be able to take at least 60 steps, but ideally 80-100. Shoot me a text and let me know what you get! 865-448-5115

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