What to Gift!

With Christmas around the corner I thought I would share some of my favorite gift ideas for the athletes in your lives!

  1. The Henny attachment is one of my favorite additions to a gym. It allows you to safely press overhead and create new lateral movements with a barbell.

2. Airofit will help you strengthen both your inhales and exhales. This is a game changer for athletic performance.

3. Calibre Bio is the next giant device in the health tracking world. It gives you the ability to measure your exact number of expended calories, VO2 max, and much more.

4. XPT Life has a brand new app and membership available for anyone wanting to try out breathing and weighted swimming workouts.

5. The Book “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art” by James Nestor. This is one of the best overviews of the breathing strategies currently being used by professionals.

6. “Breathing for Warriors” by Belisa Vranich. This book is full of ways to add breath work into your training sessions.

Shoot me any questions you have about these products!

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