What to Do While Injured → Lower Body

Injuring your lower body can feel like one of the biggest set backs of all. Don’t be discouraged though, there are still plenty of ways to train your legs and even take care of lower limb weaknesses you have been likely ignoring for too long.

As mentioned yesterday if none of the below strategies work for you simply train the opposite leg. It may seem like this would create too much of an imbalance, but research shows this will preserve the strength of the injured side too.

Today’s first tip is to keep training your core. I mentioned this in Monday’s post, but it is worth repeating for leg strength. If you have a weak core you can’t support the weight you hope your legs to take on after you heal.

Now, to make those legs strong despite having an injury try out these methods:

Isometric Holds and Mobility

Check out the playlists of videos below. Both passive range lift offs and holds will build strength at your end ranges of motion. This is essential to prevent further injury and to help you hit massive personal records on movements like back squats in the future.

  1. Passive Range Lift Offs
  2. Passive Range Holds


When adding banded exercises to your training remember for both the hamstrings and quadriceps there are multiple ways to engage the muscles.

If you lift your hip vertically or extend your knee you train your quadriceps and the connected muscles.

To train your hamstrings you can squeeze your foot to your glutes or extend your hips.

Play around with these movements by resisting them with bands at various angles. Bands also give you the chance to train legs in ways that often go underdeveloped. Attach them around your knee while sitting or laying down to strengthen your adduction and abduction.

Performing these small neglected movements as well as focusing on your hip internal and external rotation will make every lower body lift go up when you return to your normal training program.

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