The Next Right Thing 🎵

To move from one unselfish action to another with God in mind. Only there, delight and stillness.

Marcus Aurelius 6.7

Both Anna from Frozen and Marcus Aurelius agree on the importance of focusing on the next right thing. However, they also both realize how difficult it is because they have to continue saying (or singing) it to themselves.

When we look at Aurelius’ quote above, the point that sticks out is that only here is there “delight and stillness.” What does he mean by that?

If we use running as an example, his description equates to the runner’s high. When a runner sinks completely into the moment and simply puts one foot in front of the other they enter a state of “delight and stillness.” Everything settles down and suddenly the feeling of entering some alternate completely peaceful reality overtakes them. (This is possible in the gym too, I swear. 😄)

Aurelius says this can happen in life as well if we simply concentrate on doing what is in front of us in a just manner. Taking on one moment at a time with a desire to serve others sinks us into the same peaceful reality where everything seems still.

In this state not only are we contributing to the betterment of the world, but we feel happy too. Here we are able to enjoy life. We are not hung up on old mistakes or how much better things used to be. Neither are we fretting about the future and how it will all work out. We are simply here.

Appreciate where you are, focus on the next breath, and try to do the next right thing.

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