The Fish Diagram

Just like a new relationship each day of training when you just begin feels like a new high point. In every training session the athlete hits new personal bests and sees new muscle growth. Veterans look back on these days with nostalgia in their eyes. If you’ve been training for a long time you probably remember how easy new records came in the beginning.

Eventually this high rate of growth and strength begins to slow down unless countered with a proper program and training complexity. “The Fish Diagram,” shown below, compares athletes’ rates of adaption with the need for complexity. In the beginning the program can be very straightforward. Maybe the athlete only does 3 exercises and almost the same weight every session. They will still build strength because they have never done anything lifting before. As they get stronger this will no longer cut it and they will cease to see those fun daily PRs.

Without new and varied stressors the body becomes complacent as it no longer adapts to what it is already used to. Only by introducing new stress will you physically adapt further. By doing so you perform better, recover faster, and avoid injury. Through the incorporation of variety we add new stressors into your training and help you constantly progress.

With proper planning and evaluations each athlete can continue their development and avoid getting frustrated with plateaus. Trinity Strength regular introduces new exercises, weights, tempos, and rep schemes in order to not only vary an athlete’s program, but to progress it in a defined fashion.

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