The Enneagram Makes You a Better Teammate

Throughout these last few posts hopefully you not only learned a little more about how you tick, but also about what drives those around you. We usually assume those around us are driven by the same goals we are. After seeing the nine different drives that push people though, we are led to cultivate an understanding of the needs of those around us.

Seeing the world through your teammates eyes and desires can create strong team cohesion. Not only will it make it easier for others to be around you when you understand yourself, but you can support your peers with greater effect. As a leader on the team you can now see the correct buttons to push to motivate others in a healthy way. If an issue arises you can also perceive why the event bothered one player, but not another.

Even if you are not a leader on the team you may soon become one by using the enneagram. Discover your own weaknesses and push yourself to overcome them. In doing so, and possibly helping others learn their Enneagram, you will raise the pressure on your teammates to defeat their own hurdles and become the best players they can be.

Once you know your strengths use them to bolster your teammates as well. Fives may understand plays more easily and be able to disseminate the information without the pressure of a coach nearby. Ones can help teammates dial in specific techniques they may be approaching incorrectly. Sevens can use their excitement to fire up the rest of the team even when behind in the fourth quarter. Once you understand your “superpower” make sure you use it to give the team what it needs at the right time.

Getting to know yourself through the enneagram will not only raise your own play, but that of all those around you. Check out the resources below if you want to learn more. I recommend you do!


The Road Back to You

Ennegram Institute

Rohr Lectures

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