How to Move More O2!

First! A reminder! The whole point of our bodies needing Oxygen is to create energy and power all for its systems. So we want to keep these cells receiving oxygen so they keep working efficiently on the processes they are completing.

This leads us to the need to move as much Oxygen to the cells as possible. After Oxygen gets to the cells we also need to make sure the cells are able to use it. If we were to bring in a lot of Oxygen, but not send much to the cells or if we sent a lot, but they didn’t use it our respiratory system would be pretty inefficient.

First let’s focus on optimizing getting Oxygen throughout the body.

The first step of the Oxygen transport system is simply pulling Oxygen into the body. This means pulling air into the lungs where the Oxygen can be gathered. The important part that is often missed though is where in the lungs the air is brought. If you breath shallow by using your chest and shoulders to pull in air then the air only comes into your upper chest.

The majority of your alveoli (the cells in your lungs that extract and transport the Oxygen), however, reside deep in the lungs. The only way to pull air down into this area is by utilizing your diaphragm. Practice breathing by imagining you are breathing air into your stomach. This helps bring the air low in your lungs where it can be utilized more effectively. In doing so more Oxygen from each breath will be transported through your blood to your cells where they can use it to do amazing things!

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