Health Benefits of the Night Sky

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By diminishing the emphasis on the individual self, awe may encourage people to forego strict self-interest to improve the welfare of others.

-Awe, the Small Self, and Prosocial Behavior

To succeed in athletics you must be able to let go of your ego. Even individual sports like track or climbing demand that you set selfish needs aside in order to listen to coaches for advice. It also helps you foster good relations with those supporting you. For any sport you must be humble enough to work with others as teammates or listen to critiques.

Strangely enough starring at the night sky has proven to improve this skill. Simply spending 30:00 occasionally watching the stars instead of screens will make you a kinder and more humble person. Both aspects go a long way towards helping your become the best athlete you can be.

Viewing the night sky effects you in this way because it shrinks your size in comparison to the world. This creates awe and “the feeling of being diminished in the presence of something greater than the self, and the motivation to be good to others.”

As a team and individual seek experiences that create awe like going out to see the night sky. Even better find time to get out of a city and into the wilderness where you can see more stars.

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