Get Outside. Boost Your Mood!

Light is sweet, and it is pleasant for the eyes to see the sun.

Qoheleth 11.7

Philosophers and religious groups have long recognized the powerful effect nature has on people. Now science too is showing how strongly being in or even just seeing nature can boost someone’s mood.

Participants in these studies have done everything from taking walks in the woods to adding plants to their surroundings to just looking at pictures of trees. One study compared 15 minute walks in the woods with walks in the city. They found not only did the wood walkers have more energy and less anxiety afterwards, but those more prone to anxiety prior to the study saw the greatest benefit.

Another study similarly compared the effect a walk in a natural environment or urban environment had on participants. However, instead of looking at their mood they studied what happened to their ability to focus. Those who walked in nature as well as those who simply looked at pictures of nature increased their cognitive abilities compared to the others.

This summer try to soak up the sun and get outside. If you can find a place to go for a forrest walk even better! You can expect to feel more joyful afterwards and as a bonus maybe even a little bit smarter!

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