How do you throw a rock? Core to Extremity

Let’s think about a simple movement like throwing a rock into the middle of a pond for a minute. When the rock hits the water there is a massive amount of movement in that specific area of water. But then as the ripples begin to go out the movement gets weaker and weaker and weaker. Each ripple brings with it less energy the further it gets from the center.

The same effect occurred just moments before the rock hit the water in the body of the rock thrower. Just as most the energy was focused in the middle of the pond, the main source of power in a person is their core. With every inch away from a person’s center they lose power and energy. In order to perform any movement effectively you need to embrace the maxim, “core to extremity.”

Focus on this with every exercise you do. The idea clearly applies to dynamic movement’s like the clean. It demands that you focus on powerfully opening your hips before pulling on the bar with your arms. Core to extremity also applies to stable movements, though less obviously. Before you do another shoulder press focus on locking down your core and tightening your abs, back, and glutes. This will help you generate much more power through your arms and shoulders.

Whether the move is static or explosive it requires an engaged midsection. To help develop this strength further add in exercises like 3 Month Taps to build core stability. Then add in rotational mobility like Thoracic CARS or Thread the Needles to assist with rotation. Supporting the core will help with everything else you want to achieve in your workouts.

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