All About Eccentrics

We are all about eccentric training at Trinity Strength. We love it for so many reasons we are going to use the next few posts to explain what they are and why the current research is showing them to be so great for your workout routine.

The term Eccentric refers to a specific phase of an exercise. Most often is would correlate with the “down” phase. For example, during a squat the eccentric phase is the part of the repetition when you are descending with the weight. The opposite phase, when you actually lift the weights, is called the concentric phase.

For the vast majority of exercise history the coaching world has focused on the concentric phase. The emphasis was just on getting the weight up. Now, however, research and coaching is coming around to making the eccentric phase a priority.

What are some of the benefits of eccentrics?

  1. Better Technique on Lifts
  2. Increased Fat Loss
  3. Increased Muscle Growth
  4. Increased Flexibility

Throughout this series we will go over how eccentrics accomplish the goals above and how to implement this type of training into your own routine.

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