3 Ways Winter Can Affect Your Sensitivity to Carbon Dioxide

Throughout the winter you may become more sensitive to carbon dioxide and you may produce more than normal. Below are a few factors than can cause these affects. They may cause you to react poorly or hurriedly to stressful situations. You’ll also have a more challenging time focusing and being creative. So pay attention to your breath, your reaction to breath holds, and remedy any factors affecting you this winter. Lastly, if you can’t avoid some of these influences, simply being aware of them can help you make better decisions.


I’m sure you’ve already been around someone this winter with a cold or the flu. Illnesses like these are pretty hard to avoid and strain our body’s immune and metabolic systems. Even if you don’t feel sick yourself your immune system can be busier than normal fighting off illnesses around you. This causes your cells to produce more CO2 and causes you to feel more stress than normal.

Less Physical Activity

If you are getting outside less than you did during the summer then you are likely getting less overall physical activity as well. Without that physical exertion, you will lose some of your resiliency to carbon dioxide production. So when you do exert yourself the CO2 you produce will affect your more strongly than before. This causes you not only to feel out of shape but taxes you mentally as well.


Like physical stress mental stress increases the amount of carbon dioxide produced by cells. Various factors like work, family drama, and travel all merge this time of year to cause many of us more anxiety than normal. The other factors we’ve already discussed along with getting less sunlight layer on top of these stressful aspects of life and compound them. Try to beware of these factors being thrown at you so you can respond in a healthy loving manner.

The best thing you can do to combat all of these influences on your carbon dioxide tolerance and overall stress tolerance is to add in 5:00 of breathwork in the morning. A great place to start is by breathing in for 5 seconds and out for 5 seconds. You can lengthen both the inhales and exhales to make it feel slightly challenging. This practice helps you maintain your tolerance and helps you set your focus for the day before the chaos ensues!

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